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of technologies according to needs


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End to End Security

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Support and Assistance

in the definition of your Security Roadmap

Working Methodology


- Assessment and sharing of Customer requirements
- Assessment of existing infrastructure against requirements
- Evaluation of the solutions to be integrated


- Proof of Concept of the identified solution
- Implementation of the solution
- Testing

Solution Design

Solution design based on analysis

Project documentation

Drafting of the High Level & Low Level Design document

We implement solutions that increase your security

Behavioral Analysis

Behavior Detection solutions are able to detect abnormal behavior identified as lawful by traditional security systems.

E-mail Protection

The Next Generation Mail Protection solution provides real-time, comprehensive and dynamic analysis of incoming emails in order to protect your mail infrastructure and your users.

Cybersecurity Awareness

A good cybersecurity strategy must take the human factor into account. That’s why the cybersecurity awareness solution helps to increase risk awareness.

Access Control

Access control solutions detect any devices that are not authorized to access your network and act according to your corporate policies.

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security solutions enable the detection of anomalies in IT and OT. 

Web Application Protection

Web Application Firewall solutions improve the security of your web applications by increasing performance and filtering out attacks.

Database Protection

Database Monitoring solutions protect your sensitive data with the purpose of monitoring and tracking the activities performed on your databases.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management solutions allow to focus on the urgency of vulnerabilities by evolving the paradigm of their criticality.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security solutions allow you to have a unified view of the security posture of your cloud environments.