We design the best solution
for Your infrastructure

Working Methodology


  • Customer needs evaluation and sharing
  • Infrastructure evaluation according to present requirements
  • Solutions evaluation


  • Proof of Concept of identified solution
  • Solution implementation
  • Implemented solution tests

Solution Design

  • Solution design in accordance to a previous analysis

Project Documentation

  • Creation of High Level Design & Low Level Design documentation

We Implement
that increase

Web Application Protection

Thanks to technologies and our know-how gained by experience in Cyber Security, we can increase the security of Your Web Applications. Implementing policies, in order to block Web Attacks including authorized or not access attempts to Your portals.

Access Control

Keeping a control of users and devices that access Your network, helping them to create protected and closed environments in which they can operate. Real time detection of users and devices not in compliance with Your company policies with a complete check of all networks ports, in order to control any access.

Network Security

Block threats and reduce attacks results with integrated Next-Generation Firewall solutions which offer IPS, URL Filtering, Antivirus, Check Advanced Malware Protection options. This allows You to reach more visibility, increase flexibility, holding a great number of security solutions in only one platform.

Behaviour Analysis

Behavior Attack Detection solutions are able to detect abnormal behaviors of Your users and infrastructure not identifiable by traditional security systems, and to effectively detect and respond to attacks that can exceed all barriers, through the integration with Your alredy in place security infrastructure.

Database Protection

We protect your sensitive data by implementing and managing solutions that are able to monitor and track activities executed on Your database, with the possibility to limit or extend user access privilegies and apply virtual patching to solve detected vulnerabilities.

Advanced Mail Protection

The next generation e-mail protection solutions supply real time sophisticated and dynamic inbound e-mail analysis in order to protect Your mail infrastructure, considering both cloud and local mode and, not less important, Your users.