Modeled on the customer



Security Operation Center 24/7


WorkFlow, RACI Matrix,
Incident Handling, Taxonomy


Technology Design,
Integration & Tuning

Red Team


Evaluate your Cybersecurity Resiliency

Managed Detection & Response

Real Time Security Monitoring

Through Security Analytics platforms and other tools in use at the SOC, we monitor the security status of your infrastructure.

Real Time Detection

We conduct security event intelligence collection, correlation and enrichment activities.

Incident Handling

We analyze security events in order to identify any abnormal behavior and activity.


We promptly notify you of any detected attacks or threats in order to inform and support you in incident management.

Incident Response

It can happen to anyone!

Immediate and personalized response

When an incident occurs, through our Incident Response services we help you get back on the road safely by providing a quick and effective response.

Continuous support

We assist you throughout the incident remediation process and do not abandon you even after it is over.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Anti-Phishing & Takedown

Identification of malicious sites designed to be used for phishing campaigns

Data Leakage

Monitoring of private information that could be used to access sensitive data or internal company systems

Exploitable Data

Clear & Dark Web monitoring to identify possible attacks and vulnerabilities


Monitoring of sources (e.g., LinkedIn, email, etc.) in order to prevent targeted attacks on critical accounts

Rogue Mobile App

Monitoring of customer applications available on official and unofficial stores

Attack Indication

Identification of corporate information available on sharing systems in order to limit the risk of misuse/attacks

Brand Security

Monitoring customer brand abuse

Threat Actors

Identification of new attack methodologies and related campaigns and actors


A proper cybersecurity process must necessarily be grounded in the "Hack Yourself First" philosophy.

If you don’t think like a Hacker, it’s difficult to ensure the best protection of your company’s information.
The discipline of proactive security includes all activities aimed at detecting and evaluating the degree of effectiveness, efficiency and robustness of technological or organizational security countermeasures taken within a defined scope.

vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Performs automated or semi-automated non-invasive scans, using automated tools and manual checks, to detect known vulnerabilities
penetration testing

Penetration Test

Penetration Test

It is based on inferential attack techniques aimed at identifying critical issues that are not known or otherwise undetectable by automated scanning and analysis tools alone.

Red Team

Red Team

Adversarial Simulation more broadly assesses the maturity, skill and effectiveness of security controls and the capabilities of the defensive team to counter the actual breach


From outside

checking the services exposed through the internet


From inside

of the Client's corporate network


white box

White Box

gray box

Gray Box

black box

Black Box


Executive Summary

Intended for the Client’s management staff, providing strategic and easy-to-read guidance on the overall security status found as a result of analysis activities

Technical Report

It constitutes the formal documentation of the tests performed and reports in detail the results of the activities carried out, the technical details and the most significant evidence.

Remediation Plan

Document aimed at formalizing all the vulnerabilities detected during the Ethical Hacking phase, providing at the same time a useful tool for the resolution of critical issues.