Managed EndPoint Protection: Best in class Technology and Services fusion


Deep analysis of identified threat, with a full visibility of events generated by damages processes, and the possibility to export details of identified threat.


Powerful behavioural analysis for threat detection.


EndPoint protection of known and unknown threats: identification of new threat, not yet known by traditional antivirus, thanks to behavior analysis


Known and Unknown threats protection, by continuous monitoring kernel space.


With flessible policies, You can decide to block or only notify known threats, with the possibility also to disconnect the EndPoint from company network, in order to avoid the threat infection.


Automated and manual remediation with zero touch is seamless and virtually instant.

Ransomware Recovery

Damaged files recovery to their previously status, with the Volume Shadow Copy Service.

Ransomware Recovery

Encrypted file recovery to their pre-encrypted state in seconds.

Born to protect You

Born to protect You

Our team, formed by Security Analysts highly qualified, is specialized in detect, neutralize, block and remediate the advanced threats that could damage your infrastructure's EndPoints.
Thanks to our highly qualified team, we are able to perform Incident Response and in depth EndPoint analysis, providing all Security Incident information.


Bad EndPoint active processes detection and killing


Quarantine infected files and malware detected


Disconnection from company that Infected EndPoints or EndPoints that have done a suspicious activity.


Details alerts and notifications concerning the event which has caused the EndPoint infection.


Indicators of compromise trasmission to all EndPoints, in order to protect in real time, further EndPoints infection.


Incident reporting about the security events detected

Don't worry about endpoint security

With Managed Next Generation
Endpoint Protection

Managed Next Generation EndPoint Protection

Managed Next Generation EndPoint Protection

Known attacks detection

Cloud Intelligence addition about known threats in order to preventively block bad sources, files and processes before their execution.

Dynamic Exploit Detection

Exploit detection techniques that, usually, damage vulnerable source code in order to prevent attacks based on memory and applications.

Advanced Malware Detection

Advanced malware and targeted attack prevention, thanks to EndPoint behavior analysis we are able to detect new malicious code.


Automated policies implementation in order to mitigate threats during the firsts stages of the attack.


EndPoint recovery to pre-malware execution status.

Forensics Analysis

Retroactive and real-time vision of activities runned or executed on the EndPoint.

Malware & Ransomware, a problem as old as the Antivirus

Malware and Ransomware, a problem as old as the Antivirus

Managed Next Generation EndPoint protection: Why?

Managed Next Generation EndPoint Protection: perchè?

Lower TCO

Technology and best in class services

All in one

EndPoint and Datacenter protection, all of this in only one platform


Prompt mitigation of identified threat

Real Time Forensics

Full visibility and foresics detail about what is happening on Your EndPoints

Adaptive Security

Continuous fitting to new identified threats

Simpleness & Scalability

Easily implemantation in also complex environments