Welcome to SOC 3.0

The SOC of the future, today.Don't miss our talk "Cognitive Security: from theory to practice", the 14th March at 02:30 PM.We'll show you how to reduce analysis times from months to minuts, thank to the union of Behaviour Analytics, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Human Experience.Thanks to the testimony of Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche, a big worldwide … Continue reading Welcome to SOC 3.0

VPNFilter Malware

VULNERABILITYThe 23rd of March 2018, Talos Intelligence published a research about a critical malware spreading across internet using SOHO internet devices like modem/router/firewall.The study shows that at this time at least 500K devices has been infected by this malware, by using well known (and different) bugs present on the firmware of the targets. Right now is not … Continue reading VPNFilter Malware

Drive to Future

Live the event organized by Sorint.SEC in collaboration with the partner SentinelOne. Guest star: Tesla!At the end of the day a test drive experience on board the Tesla Model S e Model X. Condividi su facebook Condividi su twitter Condividi su linkedin

Samba 4 Vulnerability

On March 12 th 2018, Samba developers have released a new version that corrects two critical vulnerabilities:Denial of Service Attack on external print serverAuthenticated users can change other users' password DOS ATTACK ON EXTERNAL PRINT SERVERAffected Version: >= 4.0.0CVE: CVE-2018-1050Summary: Missing null pointer checks may crash the external print server process All versions of Samba from 4.0.0 … Continue reading Samba 4 Vulnerability