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Sorint.SEC will sponsor BSides Milano 2018

Sorint.SEC will be sponsor of BSides Milano 2018 on the 16th April and will present a speak about the exploit known as Ardusploit

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25 May 2018

VPNFilter malware

New botnet is spreading across internet using SOHO (smart office home office) modern devices like moden / router / firewall.

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24 May 2018

Smart Install Remote Code Execution

New critical vulnerability on Cisco products concerning Smart Install feature of Cisco IOS Software and Cisco IOS XE Software

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6 April 2018

SAMBA 4 Vulnerability

Samba developers have published a new Samba release updated to March 12th, 2018, able to correct 2 critical vulnerabilities

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15 March 2018

SGX Spectre

New research on Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, about a Spectre variant, also applicable to the SGX extension Intel CPU

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7 March 2018

4G LTE Attack

Whitepaper about a set of vulnerabilities identified on 4G LTE protocol, succesfully tested on a test environment

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7 March 2018

Meltdown & Spectre

New vulnerabilities able to gain access to information processed by CPU, allowing reading permission to all data inside memory

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5 January 2018

Bad Rabbit: A new ransomware attack

Looking like a Flash Player setup file, it runs like Ransomware encrypting data on victim user PC

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25 October 2017

PetrWrap: A new Ransomware attack

Global Ransomware attack able to crypt victim user's hard disk for Bitcoins

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27 June 2017

Massive Campaign Malware EternalRocks

Evolution of Ransomware / WannaCry family with the purpose to be silent on victim systems

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23 May 2017

Possible Ransomware / Wannacry decrypter

Tool able to decrypt data encrypted by Ransomware / Wannacry

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19 May 2017

Massive Campaign Ransomware / Wannacry

Global Ransomware / Wannacry attack able to crypt EndPoints for BTC

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13 May 2017

Massive Campaign Trojan / Bitcoinminer

E-mails with subject: "Fattura TIM linea Fissa - Maggio 2017 - scadenza 06/05/2017"

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9 May 2017

Ransomware / Cryptol0cker

E-mails with subject: "Contratto [xxxxxx]" and 6 decimal numbers

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6 April 2017

SKID: A New JavaScript Backdoor

Advanced JS Backdoor that exploits Applocker

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4 April 2017