Welcome to SOC 3.0

welcome to SOC 3.0

The SOC of the future, today.

Don’t miss our talk “Cognitive Security: from theory to practice“, the 14th March at 02:30 PM.

We’ll show you how to reduce analysis times from months to minuts, thank to the union of Behaviour Analytics, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Human Experience.

Thanks to the testimony of Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche, a big worldwide manufacturing company, you would discover our SOC 3.0 characterized by the integration of TECHNOLOGIES, PEOPLE and PROCESSES into a single ecosystem of management of the Cyber Security of the next generation.

Sorint.SEC is waiting for you in Milan, at Security Summit 2019.

Let’s see the complete agenda of the three days event and book now your calendar so as not miss any Atelier!